Pottery To Go

 Coasting Through Life


4 coasters (4.25 in square)

option for feet to be added after firing

4 colors

The Animals Are Restless

$18 small / $30 large

small includes 2 animals, 4 colors

large includes 4 animals, 6 colors

Life is a Zoo


includes 2 animals, 2 mugs, 6 colors

(may substitute 1 animal for a mug)

Just Mugs

Large $40

includes 4 mugs, 6 colors

Small $20

includes 2 mugs, 4 colors

Choose from any mug in any picture

It's a Party Tiles

$18 small / $30 large

small includes 2 tiles (6 in square), 4 colors

large includes 4 tiles, 6 colors


Option to add feet after firing.

Easter Eggstravaganza


includes 4 eggs, 4 colors

Don't Let Me Become a Basket-case


includes a basket, 4 eggs, 6 colors

Have a Hoppy Easter

$15 per item


Choose from small basket with 2 eggs, Easter plaque with beaded wire hanger, Easter egg box, Decor Rabbit (not shown yet), Egg Plate, Bunny Bowl, 4 colors or 6 colors if ordering more than 1 item

Serenitea Now Small


Teapot or tea for one has mug, pot and lid, 6 colors



Serenitea Now Large


Teapot with a mug (please specify) for $35

Hanging With My Pets  


Thirsty water bowl, Hungry food bowl, Love Paws mug

We Need Peace  

$25 per item


Word, Serene Angel, Standing Cross or Hanging Cross

Don't Box Me In  (Small)



3.5 in box, fairy house (quantities limited), small cross box, heart box

Don't Box Me In Large


butterfly, cupcake with cherry on top, cupcake with just sprinkles, groovy flower

More Don't Box Me In Large  


cross, star, 5 in tile, rectangle

Savin' Up For When We Can Go Out Banks



piggy, football, cowboy boot, princess piggy,  baseball or soccer ball (not shown)

We are happy to be able to offer you an option for a home activity while we are practicing social distancing (and home schooling)!  Please order ahead with our order form.

Pottery-To-Go kits come with the paintable items, paint chosen by the studio based on your chosen items, 4 brushes to use to paint your creation.  You paint it and bring the kit back so your item can be glazed and fired.

How it works:

  • Download the Pottery-To-Go order form.
  • Choose your package.
  • Choose from the options for items in your package.
  • Email the form to patti@createinestes.com.
  • Pay here or include a phone number on your order form to pay by phone.
  • We will text or email you when it's ready for pick-up / delivery. 
  • Have fun painting at home! Check out our painting tips.
  • Return your completed creations along with leftover paint, paint bottles/jars, and brushes during our pick-up / drop-off hours listed on our home page.  (If you don't feel like you can return the kit within 2 weeks, you may purchase your brushes and paint containers.)
  • We will clear glaze and fire your pieces and email or text you when they are ready (1-2 weeks depending on the number of orders and when kits are returned).
  • You may pick up your completed items during our pick-up / drop-off hours listed on our home page.

**Post a picture of your family painting your kit at home on our Facebook page for a chance to win a Pottery-To-Go kit. 

***Please use only the colors provided by the studio. For the integrity of our kiln, we reserve the right to refuse to fire any items that incorporate the use of other materials (ie NO glitter, sharpie, acrylic paints, etc.)***